R2 is operating in the Brazilian market since 2010, year in which we obtained the complete authorization from the National Sanitary Agency (ANVISA), the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) and the other regulatory agencies. Since then, R2 has been benefiting patients in several Brazilian states providing FDG (18 F), collaborating to attain more and more precise diagnostics in PET/CT. In 2011, R2 became the first private production unit in Brazil to obtain the Good Manufacturing Practices of Radiopharmaceuticals from ANVISA. In 2017, once again R2 prove its pioneering spirit in the area, being the second company in Brazil to obtain the fludeoxiglucose (18 F) registry. Based in Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, R2 has a lean and experienced multidisciplinary team, formed by pharmacists, engineers, physicists, technicians  and administrators, who ensure the delivery of Fluesocil® (fludesoxiglicose (18 F)) to customers located in the south and southeast regions of Brazil.


The Fluesocil® (fludeoxyglucose (18 F)), produced by R2, is a radiopharmaceutical used in positron emission tomography (PET/CT) imaging in the area of nuclear medicine, with application in cardiology, neurology and, mainly, in oncology. The use of FDG (18 F) in PET/CT studies is especially important because it allows a metabolic evaluation related to the body consumption of glucose, which gives it a prominent role in the diagnosis and tumor staging, as well as in the early evaluation of the efficacy of the therapeutic protocols adopted in patients with certain types of cancer. Studies indicate that, after PET/CT scans with FDG (18 F), the therapeutic course ischanged in approximately 30% of the cases. This represents a very important gain in the expectation of cure, quality of life, time and cost of treatment.